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Allenby Primary School Governors

Governors play a critical part in the strategic direction of the school. This means that they meet regularly to question, support and understand the progression of the school. This is achieved through discussions with the Headteacher and with staff responsible for curriculum areas.

Our Chair of Governors is Mr. Jane Ellis and she works closely with the Headteacher.

More information about the role of governors and a profile of our governors will be posted on this page soon.

Governing Board Diversity Information.

The Department for Education encourages governing boards and academy trusts to collect and publish diversity data about those involved in school governance. Diversity data relates to the protected characteristics covered by the 2010 Equality Act. It is for individual governors or trustees to determine if they wish to declare any protected characteristics₁, as the law protects everyone’s right to privacy.

We should also recognise that school governance, as with other elements of our school community, may also reflect social and economic diversity, although we have not asked governors or trustees to declare this.

The aim of our governing board is to ensure that, as far as is possible, governance is diverse and reflects the school community that we serve. We have therefore asked governors and trustees to declare only those characteristics that we believe are relevant to governance at our school.

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