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Governors @Allenby and a little more about them...

Mrs Jane Ellis

My name is Jane Ellis and I have just completed 38 years in education, retiring last summer as an Executive Headteacher in a Multi Academy Trust in Hillingdon. Working with primary children has been a joy as young children are enthusiastic, friendly and easy to engage.

I have now changed careers and work as a Visitor Experience Supervisor at the National Army Museum in Chelsea, London where I still see groups of school children! Museums are a place of learning, so I am really enjoying this new role.

We have three children, a daughter who is a florist, one son who is a project manager for a firm which renovates offices and another son who works for Nestle and lives in Washington DC. They are doing well in their careers and I am proud of them (although I would also like some grandchildren soon).

Why did I decide to become a Governor at Allenby Primary School?

The reason why I applied to be a governor at Allenby Primary School is because I worked alongside Mr Bishop, at his last school. I admire his leadership skills and commitment towards the children at his schools

Mrs Evi Simigdala

I was born in Athens, Greece, where I completed my graduate studies and worked as a teacher for one year.

Then I moved to London for postgraduate studies. I received the Diploma in Education and the Master in Child Development from the Institute of Education, University of London.

My formal educational qualifications in addition to the above include the postgraduate diploma in Meeting the Needs of Ethnic Minority Students across the Curriculum from the University of Greenwich (2011) and the Postgraduate Certificate in Special Educational Needs Coordination from the Institute of Education, University of London (2013).

In 2014 I was happy to be the South East finalist in the Reading Recovery competition Teacher of the year.

I am married and have 2 adult children. My daughter is studying a PhD in Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh and my son has recently graduated from the University of Cambridge where he studied physics. 

My hobbies include swimming, canoeing, reading, travelling, going to the movies/theatre and cooking. I like visiting art exhibitions and love house decoration projects.

In my opinion, learning is for life and there are always new things to engage in and exciting developments in research. At the moment I am interested in finding out more about neuroscience and its impact on learning.

Why did I decide to become a Governor at Allenby Primary School?

I believe Primary school education is vital for building the foundation for children to develop into successful and responsible, young adults. Engaging with the governing body on a regular basis and listening to each other’s views on a variety of issues concerning the school attracted me to this position. Additionally, I wanted to attend the governing body meetings to give me the opportunity to develop new skills, strengthen existing ones and contribute positively to the school.

Dr Emma Mi

Dr Khadijo Osman

My name is Dr Khadijo Osman primarily a fulltime mother, professionally science researcher and personally peace practitioner. Currently I am director of non-profit organisation (Ilysnabad (Light of peace): dialogue and development initiative) through which we facilitate training programmes for youth. Our training programmes focused active citizenship and social cohesion, respect of others, empathy, social justice and celebration for cultural diversity in UK and beyond.

 I am a mother of lovely daughter with special needs in year one. I was previously parent governor for a year at Greenfield Nursery where my daughter attended. I was given an opportunity to become elected parent governor in May 2019 at Allenby Primary School.  My role is making sure that our children at this school will get the best quality of education and safe environment during their early years that will enhance their future educational attainments.

Why did I decide to become a Governor at Allenby Primary School?

As someone who has continued her educational journey well beyond traditional schooling, I highly value education and would work to keep the standard of the education offered at Allenby to the highest standard possible for the benefit of all our children, irrespective of their cultural background and abilities. I believe that each child can reach his/her potential if the necessary educational requirements are provided. I feel privileged to be part of a school community that has a caring and nurturing environment where standards are high, and children thrive.

I’m always happy to have a chat, so if you see me around and want to ask me about the role of parent governor please feel free to reach me.

Daniel Bishop

Name: Daniel Bishop

I was born in Somerset and moved to London in 2002 to attend University and to begin my teaching journey. I attended Brunel University and completed a degree in Physical Education and Education studies. After successfully gaining my first teaching role in 2006, I made my move to London permanent.

I completed an Accelerate to Headship programme in 2011 following 3 years of training. I gained my NPQH and my first headship in 2012 at a school in Hillingdon. I had set myself a target of being a head following my completion of Tomorrow Heads and it was my greatest professional achievement. I worked closely with two other schools in Hillingdon and worked hard to develop young teachers through a multitude of systems. 

I gained my appointment at Allenby in 2016 and love working at such a unique school. I am very proud of our small school ethos and I am proud of the staff and children that work here. We have a great community that work hard for their children and together I hope we can make a real difference to the area of Dormers Wells.

I have represented the school on the Ealing SEND Panel and work with the borough monthly to support the work they do with children across Ealing with EHCPs. I am currently chair of the SEN and Inclusion network-working group with colleagues from across the SEND, Mental Health, CAHMS and school communities. 

I am married and have two children currently studying at Ealing schools. My daughter is an avid reader and my son likes anything to do with building and making. They make life very interesting and our days very busy. I am seeing my children grow along with our community of children, which is a constant reminder of the importance of my role.   

My hobbies include football, running and cycling. I love all sports and will watch and play just about all of them. I have a passion for cooking and love to bake with my children. 

I am fascinated by the journey of learning and love seeing children grow. Seeing them arrive in Nursery and work up through the school is inspirational. I always feel very lucky to be part of so many young lives.

Why did I decide to become a Governor at Allenby Primary School?

As the head, I love being part of the governing body, especially working with people from our community, who give up their free time to support us. It never ceases to amaze me how people give up parts of their own lives to support others with theirs.  

Monica Lawrence

My name is Monica Lawrence, I am an accountant /business analyst with solid experience of working across industries. I am skilled in supporting the delivery of complex solutions as part of technology, business change and digital transformation. I am also a certified coach and I run my own coaching practice.
I am a keen photographer, I enjoy baking, dancing and have a passion for helping people achieve their full potential. 
I was born in African and one of the greatest gifts my parents gave to their children was sending us to this country to get an education. Having personally experienced the important of education, and its life changing impart, it has become a passion of mine to lend my skills and time to support and champion education.
I am excited about being a governor at Allenby Primary School and looking forward to working with the other governors to support the children in our communities in ensuring they all achieve their full potential

Mrs Kal Matharu

My name is Kal Matharu and I teach as a Learning Support lecturer at Uxbridge College. I joined the education sector in 2016, prior to which I had been working as a professional gift designer and developer for over 15 years. I completed my degree in Fashion Design at the Birmingham institute of Art and Design and still continue to work on freelance projects, ranging from graphic to interior design.

I enjoy teaching as I am able to see the journey that each individual makes. During my time at the college I gained my PGCE and I am currently working towards my QTLS.

I moved to London from Staffordshire in 2011. I live with my husband and two young children, both whom attend Allenby Primary School.  

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, going to parks and museums as well as working on design projects in my studio.

Why did I decide to become a Governor at Allenby Primary School?

The reason that I chose to become a school governor was to be part of a team that creates the best solutions to support the development of our children and their future. I enjoy learning as well as teaching and being a governor allows me not only to share my knowledge and experience but also help develop our school and wider community.

Selina Eshun

My name is Selina and I’m originally from South London. I moved to West London for work and currently reside in Southall. I have 2 children at Allenby, a daughter in mainstream and a son in the SLD & Autism unit more commonly referred to as Amber and Diamond class. My son is a loving happy boy who is Autistic and presents with other difficulties including speech and language, and sensory processing issues. He has made tremendous  progress since joining Allenby in 2014 for which I’m so grateful for. My daughter is also a loving, extremely kind and happy child who is a great sister to her brother!

I’ve held various roles/titles over the years including Manager however the work I’m most proud of is the work I currently do to support children and families within the local area.
My interests include travel/holidays, reading, Cooking, dancing, documentaries, socialising with friends and family time. I’m also particularly interested in matters relating SEND, Safeguarding and child protection.

At present I have quite an active role in the the school. I’m currently the SEN and disability governor, a member of the Sen working group, the safeguarding working group and chair of the parents Rights Respecting group. The recent weekly coffee afternoons have been a wonderful opportunity for me to connect & engage with parents on a regular basis.

 I absolutely love supporting all the staff, the children and their parents/carers who make up Allenby School.  I’m really passionate about education for both children and adults. 

Why did I decide to become a Governor at Allenby Primary School?

I really wanted to make a valuable contribution to my children’s school and being a governor has really enabled this. 
I believe in the Rights Respecting ethos and values the schools represents. It’s so rewarding to know that I can make a positive contribution to policies, the curriculum and provision through my relevant skills, knowledge and experience. I believe all children can achieve their full potential no matter their background if they are in the right environment and nurtured. The school is dedicated to giving children the best start in life and I’m confident my children will receive a good education here.

Tasheba Roberts

As our great Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Education has played a major role for all individuals in society. In my opinion, Education is paramount. I feel obliged to contribute to an institution that has enabled me to develop into the individual that I am today. 

My name is Tasheba Roberts; a Lawyer and an advocate for young people. Earning certification as a Lawyer from The University of Law, London and holding a degree from The University of Kent in Canterbury.

With the vast knowledge I have gained through my experiences of being a Lawyer, I want to inspire and enlighten others to achieve their goals. Hence, it is incumbent on me to be visible to continue to encourage young children of different gender, ethnicity and backgrounds. I am fully committed to empowering children to aspire to dream big and to believe that their dreams are achievable.

My passion for becoming a Governor stems from my belief that every child has the right to an education and to become successful in life. It is crucial to take a stand to assist the community. Being a Governor not only gives me the opportunity to help play a key role in strategic decision making at board level but, also to be a part of an institution that prepares young children to compete for any job in the world. 

I enjoy reading, travelling, theatre, pampering, interior designing, singing and spending time with family and friends

Why did I decide to become a Governor at Allenby Primary School?

I believe primary school education is an essential role for developing and moulding young people to become successful and responsible adults. An effective governing body is crucial to the success of the school. I highly value the standard of education that Allenby School offers. I believe in the school’s ethos, aims, values and community involvement. I wanted to help play a part in improving children’s education and to support the school’s staff. Moreover, I want to be an engaged member of the team that helps enables the school in achieving an Ofsted “outstanding” rating. As a Governor I believe we have an essential role to help positively influence this process.

William Lusk

I was born in Wellington, New Zealand and moved to England at a young age. I spent my early years in North London before moving to Oxford. I studied journalism at the University of Buckingham before completing my Master’s degree in Public Policy at King’s College London. I became particularly interested in education policy during this time.

There are many role models I look up to including: Sir Edmund Hillary, Muhammad Ali and Jacinda Ardern. Some of my hobbies include sport, reading and watching movies. I am a huge New Zealand rugby fan, which is great because they always win, but it is important to have balance in life so I also support Arsenal. My greatest passion is travelling to other countries to experience their cultures and learn new things.

I began my teaching career in Hillingdon and then moved to Allenby where I have worked for nearly five years. I love teaching and feel an immense sense of pride when I see pupils making progress. I had several teachers when I was younger who dramatically influenced my life and I cannot think of a more important or rewarding profession to be in. I am very fortunate to represent this wonderful school as a Staff Governor. This role provides me with further opportunities to make a meaningful contribution to the school and to develop new skills.

Verity Harvey

Throughout my teaching career I have been lucky enough to teach many different age groups in completely different parts of the country. Supporting all those children to learn new skills and ideas has been a privilege and I have learned so much along the way.

As a “leading teacher” earlier in my career, I was able to explore different ways to empower children to drive their own learning. I believe that this is one of the most important things we can teach as it means that children are on the road to becoming life long learners. Everyone has something to learn, no matter what age.

I love to read in my spare time and this is why I enjoy helping children develop their English skills so much. I believe that reading is the key to success for our children.

Why did I become a governor?

As a deputy at Allenby Primary School I think it is wonderful to have the opportunity to work alongside the incredibly hardworking and motivated governing body. Everybody brings their own skills and together we all work to make a difference to our school and community.

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