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Subject Flipbooks

Flipbooks give a detailed outline of the key knowledge and concepts taught in our curriculum. Whilst not all the learning can be captured in a flipbook (for teachers impart a lot of incidental knowledge during the lesson that may not be captured) they give a good outline of the key vocabulary, knowledge and skills that pupils will encounter within each lesson.

As you can see, each lesson starts with a retrieval quiz whereby pupils are encouraged to retrieve pre-selected information/ knowledge from previous lessons. This promotes commital of knowledge to long-term memory and means that the content is more likely to be remembered. At Allenby Primary School, we work with J Sweller's notion that learning is 'knowing and remembering more, or being able to do more' and that  'Learning is an alteration in long-term memory. If nothing is has been altered, learning has not taken place'.

The lessons also continue with vocabulary instruction, reading tasks and a number of talk tasks throughout the lesson in order to encourage pupils to engage with knowledge in a number of different ways.

Overtime, we hope to develop this suite of flipbooks and quizzes to reflect our whole curriculum. The accompanying quizzes will be used systematically and strategically by teachers to refer back to learning from previous years so that children are regularly given opportunities to forget knowledge and then quizzed on it again to aid retention to long-term memory over time. There is a wealth of research to show that this type of interleaving and spaced practice has significant affects on pupil outcomes. Schools often struggle with being able to systematically refer back to previous year's learning, but we believe this is an innovative approach to tackling this challenge. It is some way off completion at the momenny but is a work in progress.

Below are the long term plans for a sample of subjects that have links to the flipbooks which are under continuous development:

Subject Retrieval Quizzes

Below is a sample of the rerieval quizzes that are being used within lessons to aid retention of key knowledge to long-term memory. In time, we aim to have a whole suite of these that will be used in lessons to aid learning during a unit, but also, as mentioned above, to support pupils as they journey through Allenby Primary School.

For example, at the end of term, quiz afternoons will be held whereby pupils are given an opportunity to retrieve information from years gone by and NOT just their current year group. This spacing and interleaving of key knowledge is more likley to mean that knowledge around the subject is retained for longer and not simply forgotten which all too easily happens unless content is regularly engaged with.

Please note: below is just a sample.

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