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Careers and STEM Engagement @Allenby

At Allenby we have been working with the Department for Education, Primary Futures and many other STEM and Career pathway providers to enable our children to imagine that 'Nothing is Impossible' career wise. We hold annual careers events for all of our children and hold a number of specific visits throughout the year for individual class, starting in Nursery. 

Research suggest that children have ruled our jobs and possible academic routes by the age of 7. This is something that can adversely affect both children from BME background and young girls from a number of pathways.  As a school with 50% girls and 91% BME we feel we need to make sure that preconceptions, stereotypes and the potential absence of role models for specific jobs does not affect their future decisions.  The under representation of BME and Women in STEM based careers, outside of medicine, is shocking and we are doing all we can to provide routes to these careers for our children.This approach is not limited to career events and visits but to also the practical application of our science curriculum, STEM based events involving local buisness and familes and also our developed PSHE curriculum. 

We want all children at Allenby to believe that every careers is open to them and they can be whatever they want in the futureā€¦ Nothing Is Impossible

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