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Junior Unit

In Sycamore class the children work in a lovely classroom divided into three areas: circle area, group table area for group activities and workstation area for individual, independent work.  We have an Occupational Therapy and Sensory room. The children go daily to the Occupational Therapy room for their sensory diet. They explore their senses and relax at  the sensory room.

The children exercise on a daily basis and have a healthy snack twice a day. This helps to keep them fit and encourages healthy eating, sharing and turn taking.

The children are included in as many features of the mainstream school life as possible. They eat their lunch in the dining hall and have most of their playtimes in the newly fitted playground with the rest of the school. Playing together, the children in the Unit often form friendships with the children in the mainstream classes. They take part in a PE Lessons within the main school and also go swimming in the summer term. 

Most children take part in daily phonics sessions with the main school on a stage not age basis support by our classroom staff. Some higher attaining children attend other mainstream lessons such as English, Science, Maths, Art, Design and Technology.

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